My First Pet Portrait

Even at a young age, I loved drawing animals. Tootsie is the first family pet from my childhood that I have many memories of. Fortunately I have worked on my skills over the years and still love to portray family's best friend. This can be a dog, cat, bird, fish, goat, whichever critter has endeared itself to you. With provided photo(s) and stories of your furry (or not) friend I will capture the personality of your pet. I will make the appropriate additions and/or subtractions from the photos provided to create a one of a kind, asthetically pleasing portrait.

Age 6 drawing

The Process

Below is an example of work and the photograph that I used as my reference for painting. This sweet boy loved to play and chew on paper plates so I added this to the photograph as well as cropping in to see his loving eyes. Cody was my parent's shephard that had to be put to rest before Christmas 2013. I wanted to capture his most memorable attributes.This particular painting is 8"x8" and was done with a water based paint called gouche.Typically I would ask for a couple weeks for completion from the time I have references in hand until delivery to your doorstep.



For a customized pet portrait like the one shown above the fee is $150 (I maintain copyright). If this does not reach your price point or you perhaps would prefer a different media and/or size I would be happy to work with you to come up with something that suites your desires.


Please contact me for any questions and/or requests that you may have.

phone: 703-869-3551

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