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Medical Illustration is a fascinating way to pay bills while painting is my passion. I love using all living things as my subject for art.Why paint something that you can take a picture of? Well, my feeling is that an artist can bring new life, see things that maybe you wouldn't see with a camera, and bring out personality and focus with color, stroke, and execution. I can also edit things out and add things in!

I graduated in 1997 with my Bachelor in Fine Art and received my masters in Medical and Biological Illustration in 2000, both from The University of Michigan. After graduating, I worked for a health based internet company, Astute Technology (formerly HealthAnwsers), of Reston, VA. I was responsible for medical illustrations, animations, web design and maintenance. I then moved back midwest to Indianapolis to help my husband pursue his career goals. During this time I worked for Novelty, Inc. creating designs for novelty products and packaging. While working for Novelty I founded KEW - Studios. I began pursuing my freelance work full time after my husband completed his professional degree.

I now live in Granger, IN with my husband, two children, cat, and a dog. I spend my spare time enjoying family activities and working on home projects. I feel so fortunate that my life consists of being a mom, a wife, and an artist.

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